Playing BBOY45's weekly BINGO game with Jordan last Wednesday.
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Parental Health Breakdown

Chloe continues to do very well. Craig and I, however, are simultaneously struggling with our own health issues. In the days preceding Craig and Jordan’s departure back to Durango, Craig’s low back felt very “off”. The night before they left, he was in a lot of pain. By the time they got home, things were even worse. He is getting by okay, and is going to our hometown chiropractor today. In the meantime, he is not able to go to work because of the nature and severity of his symptoms (he is going to be OKAY. It’s just that the stress of this situation built up in his body and caused an issue).

And I am sick! It started with a tickle cough on Saturday morning, and blossomed into full-fledged illness by yesterday morning (Sunday). I have probably caught Chloe’s cold. I lay in bed all day yesterday, with aches and fever and chest cold symptoms. Chloe and I spoke on the phone several times throughout the day. There is a phone in her room, and her nurse taught her how to dial an outside line so she can call my cell phone. My phone number is written on the marker board in her room, as the contact person for the nurses, so Chloe can easily dial it.

Visiting with Finn at hospital, while I lay in bed sick at Brent’s Place.

She had a really good day yesterday. She had received a blood transfusion overnight, and so her appetite and energy were boosted yesterday because of it. She hadn’t eaten well in the couple of days before that. But yesterday she was in good spirits, and she ate and drank quite well, and her nurse took very good care of her. I loved hearing her sweet little voice on the phone. I think I need her as much as she needs me right now. Last night at bedtime she explained to me that yesterday morning when her nurse first told her that I was sick and couldn’t come in, that she had cried a little bit. But then she told me that after hearing my voice a couple of times she wasn’t as worried. I am so proud of her, for not only being able to articulate her feelings to me, but for getting through the day quite well without a parent there.

Today she also had a visit from some of our friends, who used to be our neighbors in Durango but who now live in Longmont (near Boulder). Even though I missed seeing them, I was glad that somebody could visit with Chloe in my absence.

It warms my heart to see what Jordan’s doing when we’re apart. Here he is back in Durango receiving his soccer team medal. Thanks, Dean, for the photo.

I’m feeling much better today. No fever, which helps a lot. However I’m still nowhere close to normal. I hope to get to hospital for a visit later this afternoon, and stay through dinner (this is one of the nights that Brent’s delivers dinner to us in hospital).

Steph and family

Dr. Stephanie is a chiropractor, writer, mom, and wife who lives and plays in Durango, Colorado. Her passion is empowering people to discover their truth and express optimum health.

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