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Reunited, and it Feels So Good!

On Saturday I was finally well enough to go visit Chloe. I wore a mask, so as not to expose her, just in case I was still contagious. We had so much fun. We cracked each other up playing Connect Four and taking selfies. The next day, Sunday, I felt well enough to be in her room without wearing a mask. Chloe continues to feel great. There is still no sign of her count recovery, but it could start to happen any day now.
















Even though Chloe is still on isolation (meaning, she can’t leave her room and roam about the unit or use the playroom), she did get special permission to go outside. Sunday evening I walked across the street to Panera to fetch our dinner, and the sun came out for a while. Even though it was only 60 degrees, I convinced her to come outside to eat our dinner. We only stayed outside for a little while before she wanted to go back in.  But I’m glad she got some fresh air  .

Today the weather was nice, for a change. The sun shone here most of the day, for the first time in WEEKS. It was actually warm out (last week it was 45 or 50 degrees, with rain or clouds, for several days). I could not convince Chloe to go outside today. I thought some Vitamin D would do her some good, but she wasn’t interested. This evening right before sunset a storm came through, leaving a couple of rainbows in our view out her large picture window. We couldn’t get a good picture of the rainbows, or else I would post a photo here.

20150524_182859I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.

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