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Round Four

Super skinny after recovering from sepsis and C. diff infections, and SO happy to be out of hospital and to get to see Brent’s Place!

Chloe recovered fully from being sick, and was discharged from hospital on Monday, April 27. As promised, we stayed a night at Brent’s place before heading home. We did manage to fit in a quick trip to the Denver Aquarium Monday afternoon before retiring back to Brent’s Place for the evening. Volunteers cook and serve a community dinner there on Monday nights, so we ate downstairs with everyone and we met a couple of other families staying there. Chloe loved the stroganoff they served and wolfed down a couple of portions. Which was a good thing, because she had lost a lot of weight from her already skinny frame in the previous week and a half. She loved the apartment. Since it has cable TV (which we don’t have at home), we got to watch Dancing with the Stars live that evening, instead of watching it on HULU later in the week. I could tell she was feeling much better because she started dancing all around whenever there was music playing. She truly was enjoying herself, and she had her energy back!

We headed home the next day, and she spent a few short days in Durango. She felt great, ate well, and ran around with her friends like a normal kid. Her wish is to get to go back to school. I can’t wait for this to happen for her. She will return to school in the fall, in third grade, with her peers. The good news is, we were finally able to line up some tutoring with the school district during this brief visit home. She received about 10 hours of one-on-one tutoring during over a span of about 4 days. The teacher even met with her on Saturday, in order to get in more instruction time. Chloe was lit up by the opportunity to learn. She had not had school (which is only about 45 minutes a day) in hospital in almost 2 weeks. She was so inspired from this burst of learning that she read 3 books on her return trip to Denver! I love that a little bit of real school has re-motivated her to want to read. Since she has been out of a classroom environment for almost 4 months now, her motivation had waned. She has been starved for learning, and she got the boost she so needed!

On Sunday morning, which was my birthday, Craig and Chloe packed the car and headed out once more to Denver. It gets harder for our family to part with every round. At least this is the last time. Chloe was in tears because she didn’t want to go. Craig and I were in tears because we had to split up our family again, and our time together at home in between rounds is short and fleeting. Jordan was disappointed to say good-bye as well. This process has taken it’s toll on all of us.

They returned safely to Denver and Chloe spend one more night at Brent’s Place before being admitted to the hospital the next day, after her routine tests in the clinic that morning. So far she has endured 3 days of her 6 days of chemo. This is another high-dose round, and the last drug they give her with this round will knock her immune system down for longer, and so it will recover more slowly. So far she’s feeling great, and eating pretty well, too. I skyped with her tonight and she looked really well. I am literally counting down the doses of chemo she will be receiving this week- 12 in all (six down, six to go). At the end of the week, when she wakes up Sunday morning, we will get to celebrate the end of her chemo treatments!!! Then her body will need about 3 weeks to recover enough to get to go home. (After that, we will return monthly for testing, but not for any more treatment or hospital admissions).

Her favorite part of the Denver Aquarium was the shark tank.
Hanging with friend Zoe at Jordan’s soccer game, at home in Durango.

That’s about it for now! She is doing quite well. Every round comes with its challenges, and this one will be no exception. But for now we are celebrating that she is feeling WELL. As for the rest of us, we’re hanging in there. I am spending a much needed week in Durango with Jordan. He and I will return to Denver on Saturday, and the four of us will spend the week together up there, before Craig and Jordan return home. As of May 1, the hospital lifted their flu season restrictions, and so now siblings are allowed into patient’s units and rooms. Between that, and having the apartment at Brent’s Place, hopefully the family logistics will go a little easier for us this time around.

Steph and Family

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