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The Home Stretch

Hi Everyone,

As of yesterday, Chloe’s counts are on the rise. Her white cell counts are expected to recover more slowly this time, and that is indeed what is happening. Hopefully we will be discharged in a matter of days. At this point, I am both elated and exasperated; this is the long wait at the end of a loooong hospital journey. Today is day 129 from the day we first arrived in Denver (January 20th), and Chloe has spent 104 days since then in hospital. We are both weary and at times a bit cranky and/or impatient. I appreciate your texts and inquiries about her status but I am not able to respond back to them on an individual basis at this time. I will surely let you all know when we are discharged! I speak for Craig and Jordan too when I say that my family is ready to close this hospital chapter and move on to the next leg of Chloe’s recovery. We’re not out of the woods with this process yet, as Chloe does have a good bit of her vitality to reestablish, but getting out of hospital will be a giant step in the right direction.


That’s all I have for today! I’m off to bake some banana bread.

(In the photo, Chloe’s favorite nurse stayed on her own time after her shift was over to help Chloe turn a wagon into a unicorn float for her upcoming grand exit from impatient care).

Steph and Family

Dr. Stephanie is a chiropractor, writer, mom, and wife who lives and plays in Durango, Colorado. Her passion is empowering people to discover their truth and express optimum health.

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