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The Courage to Make a Difference

20150318_130245Giving Back to Children with Cancer

When your soul is repeatedly cracked open in the midst of an ongoing medical crisis involving your child, the light of inspiration sometimes shines in from mysterious sources. But wherever it comes from, and whatever positive effect it has, I’ll take it. In this case, the positive effects of my recent inspiration will hopefully be far-reaching.

Halfway through my daughter’s 5-month inpatient stay at Children’s Hospital Colorado for leukemia treatment, Garth Brooks came for a visit. The hospital’s PR department made a grand event out of the occasion, complete with a pep rally, cheerleaders, and red carpet reception in the large atrium on the main floor. Hundreds, if not thousands, of hospital staff, parents, patients, and guests filled the atrium and the open levels abov20150318_134310e it, four floors high. It was a grand celebration.

On that March morning, I made my way down from the seventh floor in hopes of catching a glimpse of the musical legend. Chloe was not feeling well, and so stayed upstairs in her room. After an hour or more of standing in wall-to-wall crowds and waiting through the anticipatory pep rally, the man clad in a black cowboy hat appeared out of the elevators at the back end of the building. He inched his way down the red carpet that weaved through the atrium. He was taking pictures with children and signing autographs left and right. I was able to get within a few feet of the superstar, though I was still three people deep, and wasn’t close enough to request a photo or an autograph.

The reason behind his appearance, it turns out, was to commemorate his financial contribution to the teen center on the third floor. I didn’t know many of the details, nor had I ever visited the teen center, but I knew upon hearing this that his contribution had made a significant impact around meeting the unique psychosocial needs of the hospital’s teenage patients.

Chloe in her “butler’s vest”, serving cupcakes flavored with essential oils at our first doTERRA class last month.

I was moved. Stricken, really. As in, there was no moving on from or forgetting this type of inspiration. Mr. Brooks’ philanthropic donation had sparked a deep and unique calling within my own soul. I stepped into the elevator to return to the seventh floor having decided that I wanted to do something to make a difference in the world.

At the time, I didn’t know what my contribution would be. But I have found that when you really want something that is consistent with your true nature, it starts showing up in your life. In the months that followed, pieces of my vision began taking shape. Last month, it was officially born into the shape of a burgeoning non-profit. Introducing: WithMyOwnTwoHands, my foundation for bringing gentle, vitalistic (i.e., life-enhancing) chiropractic care to children facing cancer treatment throughout Colorado.

While Chloe was in hospital, a dear colleague of mine sent my family some dōTERRA essential oils and an oil diffuser. I started diffusing the oils daily in our hospital room, knowing that the oils we received were specifically selected to enhance Chloe’s particular healing journey. The aromas of the oils uplifted and comforted us, and invigorated the nurses and medical staff as they came in and out of the room.

Chloe enjoying an adjustment in her hospital room from Dr. Jay, one of my favorite (and one of the most talented!) chiropractors on the planet.

After the conclusion of treatment, and after settling back in to our new normal at home, I remembered the oils. I started diffusing them again, daily. They gave me the same strength and empowerment that I felt from hospital. I decided that I wanted to learn more, so I joined dōTERRA as a wholesale member, so I could build my oil knowledge and collection at discounted prices. I was so excited about using the oils that it soon hit me like a ton of bricks that I could share the oils with others and donate the proceeds to my fledgling foundation (which at that point was only an unnamed and unformed inkling in my minds’s eye).

My own daughter received life-enhancing chiropractic adjustments weekly while she was in hospital, as I had invited colleagues in from the Denver and Boulder area to take care of her (and my family). I know in my heart that the chiropractic care she received helped to keep her body, mind, and heart thriving through her intense treatment regimen.

Chiropractic unleashes the body’s innate healing power from within. After  spending months in an inpatient pediatric cancer center, it became obvious to me that these kids have had their power switches dimmed. It is my intention to bring LIFE and HEALING to this underserved population through the loving touch of gentle chiropractic care (and to do so at no cost to the patient’s families).

Right now my foundation is in its startup phase. Please keep in mind that ALL OF THE PROCEEDS from sales of dōTERRA essential oils are going towards my foundation.

Here are the ways that you can help:

1. If you’re in the Durango area, you can attend one of my classes and invite your friends to join you in learning about the seemingly endless joys and benefits of using dōTERRA essential oils.
2. You can offer to host a class, where I will come to your home or place of business and teach your friends/colleagues/clients about the benefits and uses of dōTERRA oils. (If you’re in the Denver area, I can teach a class at your home or place of business when I’m in town).
3. No matter where you live, you can purchase your favorite dōTERRA oils at retail prices through my website: www.mydoterra.com4kidswithcancer. The proceeds from the sales will go directly to WMOTH.
4. If you have some experience with dōTERRA oils, and/or you’re just getting started and want to learn more, then the best way to benefit WMOTH is by becoming a dōTERRA member. Members are called Wellness Advocates and enjoy wholesale prices, plus there are many perks to membership (including business opportunities) that you can choose to take advantage of.
5. If essential oils aren’t your thing, but you want to help out, you can make an in-kind donation.

Chloe wasted no time adding our newest shipment of oils to her personal collection. It’s like Christmas every month!

I am excited to be discovering the wonderful, health-enhancing benefits of using dōTERRA essential oils. My whole family has fallen in love with them. If you live locally, and can attend a class, then you get to see Chloe shining proudly in her self-appointed role as my personal assistant. She loves using and sharing the healing elixirs.

My heart is full with the anticipation of the chance to make a difference in the lives of these kids. It would be an honor to be able to give for the sake of giving, and serve for the sake of serving, out of abundance. Thank you in advance for your support!

If you have any questions, or if you want to support WMOTH but need help or advice getting LogoColorTextBelowstarted with using dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, then please reach out to me via email (HERE) or in the comments below.

My website for online retail purchase is: www.mydoterra.com/4kidswithcancer.

Our next free class, which you are welcome to attend, is this Wednesday, April 20, from 6-7pm, at 202 W. 22nd St. in Durango.

Dr. Stephanie is a chiropractor, writer, mom, and wife who lives and plays in Durango, Colorado. Her passion is empowering people to discover their truth and express optimum health.

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