Healing with Courage

Stephanie Harris

Wife, Mother, Chiropractor, and Writer

4949Hello, and thank you for visiting Healing with Courage.  I am a wife, mother of two, chiropractor, and writer.  I am also a lifelong spiritual seeker, learner, and lover of nature and all things natural. My passion and purpose is to empower people to discover their own deepest truth, live their best life, and express optimal health.

In January of 2015, my life was turned upside down when my 7 year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.  We were told on an overnight’s notice that we were to travel to Denver, 350 miles from our home, to begin her treatment.  In all, my daughter stayed in the hospital in Denver for a total of 107 days, over a period of about 5 months.

Upon her diagnosis, I immediately closed my chiropractic practice in order to be with her and to meet my family’s needs during this trying time.  My husband and 5 year-old son remained in Durango during most of her treatment, for work and preschool, and would come to Denver to visit whenever possible.

This blog is the story of my daughter’s healing journey, and of my family’s trials and triumphs throughout her treatment and over the course of our ongoing recovery process.  My life has been forever changed and enriched by the lessons that I learned about health, wellness, life, and chiropractic from our experiences moving through and beyond cancer.  On these pages I share with you my authentic reality, insights, and my struggles, as I now know that healing is a journey itself– a way of life– not a destination.

I hope you enjoy reading the content here.  It has been an honor and a privilege to share with you.

If you’d like to learn more specifically about living an innately healthy lifestyle that reflects your unique truth from the inside out, then please visit my chiropractic blog: www.inspiredurango.com.

Yours in Health, Healing, and Life,

Stephanie Harris