Kids who are in cancer treatment face a lot of difficulties.  Chloe’s mom Stephanie is a chiropractor who has started a foundation to help children and their families cope a little better with the challenges that come with cancer diagnosis and treatment. LogoColorTextBelow

With My Own Two Hands (WMOTH) is a foundation dedicated to providing gentle, specific chiropractic care to pediatric cancer patients for the sole purpose of optimizing health and life expression. It was born out of Dr. Stephanie’s desire to give back to children facing cancer. While Chloe was hospitalized for almost 5 months during her treatment for leukemia, Stephanie made sure that Chloe received weekly chiropractic adjustments, in order to unleash her daughter’s healing potential and health expression.

Chloe sharing a happy moment with Dr. Jay after an adjustment in hospital in February 2015.

Now that Chloe is in remission and thriving, Dr. Steph wants to make sure that other kids have this opportunity to receive life-enhancing chiropractic care during and after cancer treatment.

Dr. Steph is raising funds for her foundation through the sale of dŌTERRA brand essential oils. While Chloe was in hospital, a dear colleague sent her family a handful of dŌTERRA oils to use to enhance their hospital room experience and to boost Chloe’s health. Dr. Steph’s family was uplifted and comforted by the positive benefits of using the oils, and subsequently fell in love with dŌTERRA’s all natural line of products.

Dr. Steph is committed to educating people on the many benefits and uses of dŌTERRA oils through teaching classes and sharing and selling the products.

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Chloe sharing doTERRA oils with her dad.

100% OF THE PROCEEDS from all purchases made through Dr. Steph’s dŌTERRA website will be donated to With My Own Two Hands. Named after a popular Ben Harper song about personal empowerment and making a change, WMOTH aims to enhance the life experience of those children battling cancer through gentle, loving chiropractic care.

You can shop for your favorite varieties and blends of dŌTERRA oils HERE. If you already love using essential oils and you’d like to receive discounts on regular purchases and earn free products, then please contact Dr. Steph directly HERE.

If you’d like to make an in-kind donation, please call or email Stephanie at 970.317.4911 or An online link for donations is coming soon.

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